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Services for Event Planners

For many people, planning an event is a chore requiring a lot of time and energy. Why not let us help you. After all, it's free.

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    Evaluating your needs
    Our experienced team will carefully evaluate your event, no matter what its type or size, in order to meet all your requirements.
  • 2
    We take the time to help you find the appropriate venue for your event.
  • 3
    Bid Management
    Tell us what you want. We will contact our partners and then provide you with their bids.
  • 4
    Hotel Booking Office
    Does your event require several accommodation
    venues? Our hotel booking office ensures that your
    participants are registered in the hotel of their choice.
  • 5
    Tailored Logistics
    From accommodations to shuttle service, food service to
    convention activities, take advantage of our advice and logistics services.
  • 6
    City map, museum map, on-site information booth, introductory video, welcome address by an historical figure, we'll see to it that you get the most out of your business visit.
  • 7
    Consulting and Referrals
    Do you want your event to have local flavour? Allow us to suggest the region’s best suppliers and the best places for your corporate gifts.
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