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About Trois-Rivières

A few facts about Trois-Rivières, the regional capital of the Mauricie;

  • The city has a population of 132,968 (9th in Québec) 
  • A surface area of 332 Km2, including 55 Km2 of urbanized area 
  • The urban centre of the Mauricie 
  • On the coast of the St. Lawrence River (a 1,400 km river) 
  • The St-Maurice River (one of the largest rivers in Québec) runs through it 
  • Discovered by Jacques Cartier (a French navigator) in 1534 
  • Home to Aboriginal peoples 
  • It was an important trading post in New France 
  • Founded in 1634 by a certain Laviolette (a French soldier) 
  • Cradle of many great explorers of the American continent (De La Vérendry, Pierre-Esprit Radisson) 
  • First industrial community in New France (Forges du Saint-Maurice) 
  • One of the Chemin du Roy’s three historic districts 
  • World capital of the pulp and paper industry in the 20th century 
  • Cultural Capital of Canada 2009 (Heritage Canada) 
  • Port of call for international cruise ships 2.2 million visitors each year 
  • 1.28 million overnight stays generating $168 M

A city with something to offer around every corner, a lively, festive, delectable and memorable weekend destination; one of Québec’s must-see tourist destinations.