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Family fun in Trois-Rivières

March 22nd, 2018 | by Émilie Sirois

Looking for something to do in Trois-Rivières with the family this weekend? Kids and grown-ups alike can always find something fun to do rain or shine! Here are 12 ways to get out and enjoy the city. Ready, set… go! 

Musée POP!

A fun and accessible visit for the whole family, including themed exhibits and interactive features that take a closer look at popular Québec culture. 

200, rue Laviolette
819 372-0406
The heart of the BORÉALIS EXPÉRIENCE visit features a riveting Québec pulp and paper experience. 

quoi faire en famille

The trail of the forgotten
Equipped with a UV light, the whole family is invited to set off on the discovery of a forgotten past. Open your eyes and see history written in fluorescent letters on the walls! Characters from the past tell the tales of days gone by. There’s also a new workshop on how to make artisanal paper, so be sure to roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Passage 5S
Passage 5S engages all 5 senses at 3 different stations where modern elements meet ancient artefacts. In just 10 minutes, you’ll experience the smell of old factories, what fibre looks like under a microscope, the consistency of paper pulp, and even the work conditions of the time: heat, humidity, and grinding machinery. This one-of-a-kind experience will show you and your family just what working in a factory was like! 

200, avenue des Draveurs
819 372-4633
If you have little climbers in your family, Trois-Rivières features 3 climbing centres for everyone who wants to reach the top!

Campus Escalade

Your challenge: Climb only the blocks of the same colour! Discover 14’ walls, safety equipment, games for the littlest ones, and family-friendly pricing. Everything you need for an afternoon of fun! 

3375, rue Girard

Maïkan Aventure

Beginners and experts will love climbing the 16’ walls without a harness knowing mattresses are right below to catch any falls. The more adventurous will love tackling the 45’ walls (available with a friend who’s accredited or the Découverte package).

2206, boulevard des Chenaux


Try out the 40’ walls, 24’ high course, and slides. There’s fun for the whole family! 

1280, rue Sainte-Julie

Laser TAG
Fun and technology meet when you try your hand at laser tag! A great way to expend some energy and have a great time. 

Aventurier Paintball

Got your teams ready? Dress up warm for an outdoor adventure! In this post-apocalyptic world, you need to eliminate your enemies while fulfilling your mission. Get ready for teamwork, learning, and lots of fun. The 90-minute adventure includes unlimited ammunition and an animator. Let’s go!  

2301, rang Saint-Malo

Laser Plus

Step into a labyrinth of adventure and fun at Laser Plus! With black lights, fog, and music, you’ll have to stay alert to avoid your enemies and fulfil your mission. How many rivals will you defeat? There’s also indoor mini-golf where obstacles, clubs, and even golf balls glow in the dark! Fun is always guaranteed. 

2410, rue Louis Allyson

Mont VR Virtual Reality

Novice to expert players will love this delve into virtual reality, where everything’s been set up to create an unforgettable experience. The hardest part will be selecting what game or movie you want to play. Enjoy! 

2505, boulevard des Récollets
Sort qui peut!

The riddles increase as the story unfolds! The only way to find the Excalibur sword and save your potion professor is to work as a team. Brave knights and wise wizards hurry! Time is of the essence. Everyone who solves the puzzle will have the pleasure of unlocking the bolts on the winner’s wall. It’s your move! 

162, rue Saint-Laurent, suite 208


The kids still bursting with energy? Head to RécréOFUN where they can move to their hearts’ content thanks to trampolines, slides, foam ball cannons and fountains, climbing ropes, and more. Adults can try their hand at a few of the obstacles, or take a break in the restaurant area, where there’s plenty of choice on the menu. Kids will leave happy and all tuckered out! 
6730, rue des Alpes
819 374-9444
Zoo de Monsieur Reptile

Come meet some interesting reptiles face to face, from turtles to snakes, lizards, and crocodiles. Animators are on site to answer any questions and pique your curiosity about these beasts both big and small!

165, boulevard Sainte Madeleine, suite 6B

Candy and chocolate delights
Chocolats Favoris 

A chocolate treat or an ice-cream cone dipped in your choice of topping are just some of the delights you’ll find at Chocolats Favoris! This artisanal chocolate shop boasts 12 unique dipping flavours, from milk chocolate to salted caramel, dulce de leche, and more. The hardest part is choosing! 
3600, boul. des Forges
819 374-2444

Chocolaterie Samson

A must-try for chocolate lovers! Delicious treats, original creations, cooking products, and a whole lot more are in store. Stop by for a homemade hot chocolate or selection of chocolates to enjoy. Every bite is pure delight! 
1066, rue Champflour
819 379-2644
Le Brun en ville

This general store will take you back in time! Little ones will love the old-fashioned candy and toys of days gone by, while grown ups will look back with nostalgia. This museum-boutique will tempt you with treats you’ll want to bring home. 
1411, rue Notre-Dame Centre
819 372-0957
Parc de l'Île Saint-Quentin
This nature park is just steps from the city, featuring a wide range of activities you can enjoy all year long. Walking paths let you explore local flora and fauna at your own pace, and the kids will love the playground. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery and fresh air!
819 373-8151 or 1 866 370-8151
Karting Trois-Rivières
Three courses, three types of kart your choice! Come have fun and enjoy some friendly competition. Make your way to the start line, put on your helmet, and challenge the competition. Start your engines and… go! May the best driver win.  

4150, rang Saint-Charles

Aqua Parc H2O

This one-of-a-kind waterpark offers families a heated wave pool, waterslides, water games for the kids, a large tubing slide, and lots of new adventures to explore! There’s always something for everyone. 

4150, rang Saint-Charles

Ready to plan your next family getaway? Trois-Rivières has all the fun you’re looking for!

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