Five reasons why Trois-Rivières is an ideal port of call

Widely recognized for its warmth and hospitality, Trois-Rivières is a choice port of call for the many cruise ships that travel the St. Lawrence River. Here are five reasons why!

Take a stroll through downtown

In Trois-Rivières, maritime traffic is part of the urban fabric. Passengers have only to cross the street to find themselves in the heart of the city’s vibrant downtown core. Its sidewalk terraces, cafés, restaurants, shops, bars, galleries and museums offer visitors a welcome way to stretch their legs and spend a fascinating day. No shuttles needed here – everything is within walking distance! Just let your feet guide you.

Explore the historic district

Adjacent to downtown, the city’s old quarter reveals its rich past. After all, Trois-Rivières is the second oldest Francophone city in North America! Following the devastating fire of 1908, the city rebuilt itself beautifully, as is evident in its architecture. Climb the monumental staircase to the top of the promontory. You’ll be treated to a view of the same majestic St. Lawrence River that captivated the great explorers centuries ago. Meander from one monument to the next and one descriptive panel to the next, and relive the past of Trois-Rivières in all its glory.

Experience the culture and heritage of Trois-Rivières

There’s no shortage of attractions in Trois-Rivières, whose culture reflects the arts, lifestyle, history, cuisine, and surrounding nature of the city. A self-guided tour is available for every taste: historic, touristic, poetic, urban, and spiritual. Take in the beauty and appeal of the region by visiting the Musée québécois de culture populaire, Boréalis, Our Lady of the Cape Shrine, the historic Forges du Saint-Maurice and much more.

Contemplate nature

Just 90 minutes from the port is the Parc national de la Mauricie. A guide awaits you at the gates of this stunning provincial park for an unforgettable excursion into unspoilt nature, where flora and fauna are at one with the changing seasons. If you love woods, waterfalls and wildlife, you’ll love the Parc.

Meet friendly people

The maritime terminal gives you a warm Trois-Rivières welcome the moment you disembark. Inside, a shop designed for foodies introduces visitors to regional artisans and their products: jams, maple syrup and more. It’s a mandatory stop for a true taste of Trois-Rivières! Steps away, a tourist desk offers a wealth of information about all the attractions of the region, and the friendly staff will be pleased to suggest activities geared to your interests. Once outside, you’ll find yourself in the city’s old quarter, where helpful guides will direct you to the shops, restaurants and museums of your choice.

Trois-Rivières awaits you with all of its history, heritage, museums, restaurants and multiple other attractions. Prepare to be charmed!

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