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On the heels of the BEATLES STORY BAND and AMERICAN STORY SHOW, Productions Élite, in collaboration with Productions KOSCENE, presents BRITISHOW.
With their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, the Beatles became the first British band to break onto the North American scene. They were soon followed by the Rolling Stones, Zombies, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Genesis and the many others who hit our airwaves. Before long we’d dubbed this onslaught of talent the British Invasion, and it would go on to propel a groundswell of musical creativity and dissemination.
From Cat Stevens to Ed Sheeran and from Petula Clark to Adele, British music has produced bold artists, musical geniuses and global icons whose songs have helped sketch the recent history of the U.K. No other nation has contributed as much to the development of today’s musical genres.

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