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Sort qui peut! (loosely translated as “Escape if you can!”) is the first escape game to open its doors in the Mauricie region. It offers you 60 minutes of pure fun with family, friends or colleagues in a fully immersive environment, as you attempt to find your way out of a room by solving a string of mysteries.
Your group of two to six people can choose from two different scenarios:
  • Amazonia: You’ll become explorers who set out to study wildlife in the Amazon rainforest but instead find yourselves captured by an Aboriginal tribe. 
  • Le Grimoire: Congrats! You’ve graduated from a school of witchcraft! Now you have to find a way to remove a spell that’s been cast on one of your teachers. 
A wide range of games is also available for purchase in the store. From entertaining party pastimes to complex board games, there’s something for everyone!

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