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Set your suitcases down at Les Appartements du Vieux Trois-Rivières and discover a contemporary take on the region’s history, complete with a breathtaking view of the Saint Lawrence River. Choose between the quaint, modern apartment with magnificent terrace on the top floor, or the equally elegant apartment featuring two balconies. You’ll feel at home no matter where you stay! Surround yourself with plenty of light, as well as bold touches of wood, marble, and leather and ultra-comfortable furnishings for a stay you won’t soon forget.

Then head downtown for a fun day out or snuggle up with a comforter on the couch and enjoy all the amenities at your fingertips. 

Apartment with terrace
Six rooms, including three bedrooms
Sleeps 5
Minimum stay: 3 days
Parking included

Apartment with two balconies
Four rooms, including one bedroom
Sleeps 3 to 4
No minimum stay
Parking included

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